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Does My CSS Look Phat In This?

Does it?

Desperately need to change a graphic which I only had the common sense to realise after I submitted it wrong. D’OH! Nevermind, at least the code is working on the PHP so I can’t complain.

Oh CSS, XHTML, Javascript, how I desperately want to be cuddley friends with you all, and how you continually refuse my advances.


I can’t wait to have less limitations so I can get some pimpin’ Java happening (note to self, learn Java…).

In hindsight I cannot thank my friend ‘Stylin’ with CSS’ enough for the code reference tables in the back section of the book. Very handy for a css dummy/forgetful mole.

I am eagerly awaiting next semester’s coding hell although I think I am going to be superbly shite at actionscripting. *considers nerding out in the hols*

I am happy with how my overall CSS turned out, although I think many of us are having those temptations to tweak more (it’s so hard to be satisfied with one’s work). I am most pleased with my photoshop efforts however as I learned some pretty cool tricks to achieve my “torn paper” looks.

Another great discovery c/o Mat is the creative commons search option on Flickr which is infinitely cool, and thanks to the Flickr community has a fantastic variety of options for obsessive designer types.

Tackle a new blog layout? Perhaps that can be a holiday assignment for myself.

Now, shall we all go film some ridiculously rebelious radicals in our local community? Gosh, it’s just so hard to choose who…canteen lady? bum on the corner? man who never wears shoes? woman who never picks up her dog’s shits?

I need some time alone with my thoughts evidently…




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Rebel Grrl

You are the queen of my world!

Here is the finished product. It’s no Senor Spielbergo, but I’m hoping you forgive me for that.

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