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Does My CSS Look Phat In This?

Does it?

Desperately need to change a graphic which I only had the common sense to realise after I submitted it wrong. D’OH! Nevermind, at least the code is working on the PHP so I can’t complain.

Oh CSS, XHTML, Javascript, how I desperately want to be cuddley friends with you all, and how you continually refuse my advances.


I can’t wait to have less limitations so I can get some pimpin’ Java happening (note to self, learn Java…).

In hindsight I cannot thank my friend ‘Stylin’ with CSS’ enough for the code reference tables in the back section of the book. Very handy for a css dummy/forgetful mole.

I am eagerly awaiting next semester’s coding hell although I think I am going to be superbly shite at actionscripting. *considers nerding out in the hols*

I am happy with how my overall CSS turned out, although I think many of us are having those temptations to tweak more (it’s so hard to be satisfied with one’s work). I am most pleased with my photoshop efforts however as I learned some pretty cool tricks to achieve my “torn paper” looks.

Another great discovery c/o Mat is the creative commons search option on Flickr which is infinitely cool, and thanks to the Flickr community has a fantastic variety of options for obsessive designer types.

Tackle a new blog layout? Perhaps that can be a holiday assignment for myself.

Now, shall we all go film some ridiculously rebelious radicals in our local community? Gosh, it’s just so hard to choose who…canteen lady? bum on the corner? man who never wears shoes? woman who never picks up her dog’s shits?

I need some time alone with my thoughts evidently…




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CSS: Riddle Me This

How is it that my pefectly sized 960x540px image it too small for its 960x540px box?

Not only is it too small, but its not even proportionally too small! The width seems to be smaller than the height. WTF!
Not cool.

Can’t wait to solve that pickle…

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Viral is a term that gets thrown around a fair bit and is usually associated with advertising campaigns. When thinking about viral media for the week I found myself a little stumped to think of an example that wasn’t advertising.

I have found a great example, which is still linked to a company, but also raises questions about the validity of American ideals in what is arguably a police state.

Stay tuned for the tute!

[edit] In case anyone wanted to check out the still free campaign, check it out here.

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Sunrise at UNSW

Sunrise at UNSW, originally uploaded by raenmiro.

It’s going to be a long day…welcome to week 3.

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MoFo Blogging

IMG00054.JPG, originally uploaded by raenmiro.

Blog your mobile phone pictures through flickr!

I have decided to affectionately name this MoFo blogging as in Mobile ‘Foto’ blog.

All you need is a camera phone and an email application on your mobile.

Below are 2 different ways of doing this, depending on how you want these to show up in your blog. One is for a Widget and the other is for an actual blog entry with your photo.

Widget Directions:

1- Go to this flickr page

2- If you are logged in, you will see a unique email on the right hand side of the page. This is all you need.

3- Compose an email on your phone to your super secret email address that flickr have provided and attach the photo from your phone.

4- Send email and watch it magically appear on your blog.

Note for young players: You will need to have the Flickr widget up and running in your sidebar to see these. You can add this by going to Appearence-Widgets-Flickr (WordPress) and adding your account details in the edit field.

Blog Entry Directions:

Alternately you can post a blog entry containing your photo.

1- Follow above directions to obtain your personal email from flickr.

2- Configure your blog details with flickr here

3- Set up your email posts so they automatically go to your blog here

4- In the bottom right hand coner of the page once you click save you will see another email. This is the email you need to send to for your photo to be published as a blog.

5- Compose your email. Depending on how you have configured your settings, what you write in the body area of your email should come up as the written part of your blog.

Best of luck to all!

Edit: I’m fine tuning this myself so let me know how you are all doing!


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The Beginning


My name is Raen Waghorn-Hughes and this is my first blog as a student blogger. I’m a little confused as to what I’m going to put on this blog, as I’m used to just dumping all of my thoughts and worries onto the platter in my own personal blogs. Am I really accomplished enough to have a serious “PROFESSIONAL” blog?

As a Media student at UNSW we have all been asked to start up these blogs to talk about our experiences. It takes me back to Year 7, when my teacher Mr Baker began to educate us all on the new importance in our lives, the ‘LHP’- left-hand page. The left hand page in all of our books was not to be written on but to be left as a page for reflection, and perfecting our reflection skills. A skill we were assured would be completely ESSENTIAL to our high school lives.

We all hated our LHP.

However, I will stop this negative outlook and proceed to give a little insight to my ‘professional’ student insight/reflection/outlook/pizza pie (what is a pizza pie? have you had one?).

I did my HSC in ’06 which was jolly good times. Took ’07 off to allegedly work full-time and “save money”. Unfortunately all monies earned perished dismally…Started the Media and Communications degree at UNSW in ’08, only later to find out the degree I am now doing has become extinct.

Woe is us!

I’m continuing to hold the faith in the original course, and hoping that the choice will pay off. It’s just as well it exists for me at least, because to be honest i’m still stuck in a rut when i comes to what i want to do at the end of this.

I always wanted to be an actress, but held little taste for a life of cafe waitressing while waiting for that big break. I decided to go for the slightly more faceted field of media, because apparently university degree=job=money=happiness. Or something like that.

I’m doing a Film major, wanting to explore opportunities in television, either on-screen or as a producer or something of the like off-screen. I enjoy graphic design as a hobby also, although I’ve been pretty lazy since I left school.

I don’t know how I feel about journalism. As far as my personal opinion goes, I think I am just not clever enough to be a good enough journalist to bother. From working within the industry, the whole idea kind of loses its gloss. TV writers have it pretty sweet. I’d like to work in features. Lots of newspapers like their journalists to be versatile though. One day you’re the Business editor, the next you’re covering Urban affairs, then you’re a Parliamentary reporter. It’s all a bit boggling, but I can understand why they do it – keeping the job fresh etc.

I could easily say yes to a job with a glossy mag. I think it would be great fun, but then again, I haven’t stepped foot in one. Maybe I should just avoid them and maintain the illusion…

I used to listen to a lot of music, but I’ve gotten a bit out of touch. Feel free to lend me some tips (on anything for that matter). I’ll try and lend you some of mine, if you’d like them.

I wish I was profoundly clever. I wish I knew lots of long words that made me sound important.

I’m a bit of a dork. That’s ok with me.

Looking forward to a new semester with all of you shiny/not shiny, happy people.

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