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My Latest Internet Obsession

I cannot get enough of keyboard cat. Incase you don’t know about him, basically what happens is people find a video of a ‘fail’ moment and have keyboard cat ‘play them off’.

This video is a particular favourite.



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Viral is a term that gets thrown around a fair bit and is usually associated with advertising campaigns. When thinking about viral media for the week I found myself a little stumped to think of an example that wasn’t advertising.

I have found a great example, which is still linked to a company, but also raises questions about the validity of American ideals in what is arguably a police state.

Stay tuned for the tute!

[edit] In case anyone wanted to check out the still free campaign, check it out here.

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Sunrise at UNSW

Sunrise at UNSW, originally uploaded by raenmiro.

It’s going to be a long day…welcome to week 3.

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MoFo Blogging

IMG00054.JPG, originally uploaded by raenmiro.

Blog your mobile phone pictures through flickr!

I have decided to affectionately name this MoFo blogging as in Mobile ‘Foto’ blog.

All you need is a camera phone and an email application on your mobile.

Below are 2 different ways of doing this, depending on how you want these to show up in your blog. One is for a Widget and the other is for an actual blog entry with your photo.

Widget Directions:

1- Go to this flickr page

2- If you are logged in, you will see a unique email on the right hand side of the page. This is all you need.

3- Compose an email on your phone to your super secret email address that flickr have provided and attach the photo from your phone.

4- Send email and watch it magically appear on your blog.

Note for young players: You will need to have the Flickr widget up and running in your sidebar to see these. You can add this by going to Appearence-Widgets-Flickr (WordPress) and adding your account details in the edit field.

Blog Entry Directions:

Alternately you can post a blog entry containing your photo.

1- Follow above directions to obtain your personal email from flickr.

2- Configure your blog details with flickr here

3- Set up your email posts so they automatically go to your blog here

4- In the bottom right hand coner of the page once you click save you will see another email. This is the email you need to send to for your photo to be published as a blog.

5- Compose your email. Depending on how you have configured your settings, what you write in the body area of your email should come up as the written part of your blog.

Best of luck to all!

Edit: I’m fine tuning this myself so let me know how you are all doing!


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