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Viral is a term that gets thrown around a fair bit and is usually associated with advertising campaigns. When thinking about viral media for the week I found myself a little stumped to think of an example that wasn’t advertising.

I have found a great example, which is still linked to a company, but also raises questions about the validity of American ideals in what is arguably a police state.

Stay tuned for the tute!

[edit] In case anyone wanted to check out the still free campaign, check it out here.


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Presentation from Week 3

It is what it is…unchanged after what Gillian mentioned in the lecture, it could be completely shite as a result but that’s how I roll.

Advertisement for Puma

Advertisement for Puma


My chosen advertisement’s basis inspiration comes from the polysemy of the word ‘Light’- being that of both weight and our optical experience.

In Durand’s table of rhetoric this ad is classified in the column of Substitution. Substitution is a combination of Durand’s first and second rhetorical operations Addition and Suppression. This image uses identical suppression, which is more easily seen when compared to this image, not published for the ad.

Here the model stands in a mostly bare room, wearing only her Puma sneakers and nude underwear. We are presented with a blank canvas wherein her location and wardrobe are projected upon her. So what we see is suppression of clothing and the addition of false projected clothing.

There are a few of Durand’s rhetorical figures which I believe apply to this image in correlation. These are metaphor, hyperbole and allusion which are depicted through a combination of image and text.

The metaphor in operation is highlighted through the text- “Light injected footwear” – this is the key to the polysemy. The advertisers have detailed in the bottom left corner the light weight of the shoe- what the ad is literally trying to convey, whilst when combined with the word “infused” connotes the metaphor of light rays being held within the shoe itself.

The hyperbole and allusion are wrapped up with each other, hyperbole is the identity, allusion is the similarity of form.

The hyperbole is seen in the exaggeration of the way weight is depicted – the model herself. The model wears no real clothing; she merely has the appearance of clothes- this leads to the allusion that the shoes are so light that it feels like you are wearing nothing. The physically worn shoes and the projected image play off each other to convey this message along with the scarcity of the physical room she is in, further alluding to the possibility that these shoes can take to anywhere, they transcend physical space.

These rhetorical figures of the model, the projection and the written word combine to give an overall lust for the shoe. The shoe is light in weight, it is limitless and it is cool because of the creative depiction of scenery through projection.

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Also…Why Lindsay Lohan Has No Soul

Well…this ad is ridiculous. It’s probably not entirely LiLo’s fault, but DAMN. Could they make her look any less talented?

Crazy Italian designers…long live celebrities doing ads for foreigners. The results are always hilarious.

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Why Advertisers Are All Going To Hell

Advertising for Fitness First in the Netherlands

Advertising for Fitness First in the Netherlands

A friend linked me to this recently. The bus seat is hooked up to scales, so when commuters sit down, their weight is displayed on the adshell with fitness first’s branding.

Is this a reality check everyone needs? One thing the ad does do is get people’s attention, it is already on several websites, but is this too much of an invasion of privacy?

I guess it’s a good thing I don’t mind standing…

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