Argon Directions

Drawing from the Cluster Two material, Argon have chosen to focus their work around awareness of the present versus the absent as revealed through differing perception.

Namely, the way in which altering the way we see, hear and feel heightens our awareness of things previously unnoticed in the world around us. A lack of hearing sharpens the sight, just as a lack of sight heightens our perception of sound. Similarly, a subject decontextualised or presented to us in a new way can cause us to have a clearer perception of its true form. On the other hand, form can also be manipulated to present itself as something it is not. By toying with the audience’s traditional expectations of student film, animations and the web we hope to give a heightened sense of awareness and presence of not only the things surrounding us, but also our place in this environment.

We also wish to explore the effect of changing perspective on the overall meaning of a work and how this changes the audience’s feelings towards particular subject matter which is presented.


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