Time To Nerd Out

Took some of Mat’s advice and ordered myself a book on coding. After browsing the options I decided on this little beauty.

Future best friend...

Future best friend...

Looking forward to becoming a CSS aficionado. I’ve always been interested in it but left my website days well behind me a while ago, should be fun/frustrating to start again.

Will have to get into the web tutorial soon! This “week off” is going to be ridiculously hectic! So much work due during and immediately after it. Combine that with moving house at the same time and I may as well just jump off the gap while I’m ahead.

I kid, I kid.



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3 responses to “Time To Nerd Out

  1. laurfree


  2. taniaarrr

    lol lauren beat me to the punch. i was so going to type “nerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrdddddddd”.
    maarggh! *homage to raen’s singing for bonus points in Rock Band*

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