How To: Mo-blogging

As Biggie said, mo’ money, mo’ problems..MO’ BLOGGING!

Well…not quite, although if you have ever read Kanye West’s blogs (proceeds with caps lock)…anyhow back to the topic.

Blogging from your mobile is easy, fun and crazy wild! Most of you will have phones with web browsing, and WordPress has a mobile website so it doesn’t chew through all your available bytes by loading up useless pictures and frames that render websites useless on phones.


Step 1:
Load up your web browser on your phone.

Step 2:
Go to

Step 3:
You will see a log in screen. Log in. Start to feel extremely cool and savvy.

Step 4:
Write a post on your ridiculously cramped mobile keypad. Think to yourself, maybe this could have waited till I got home…

Step 5:

PUBLISH! Sigh and give yourself a satisfying pat on the back.

As you can see, all easy to follow! Go forth mo-bloggers!

(I’m really enjoying mo’…)


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One response to “How To: Mo-blogging

  1. Thanks! Thats so easy – great simple addition -can you categorise it ‘support’ then I’ll agg it to the support page.



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